Jacky Duvil | Sant Zaveryen, Haiti

“The Xaverian Brothers had a significant impact on my academic and professional career. Their support made it possible for me to become the scientist I am today. Despite the current challenges in Haiti, I hope the Xaverian Brothers can continue this program of helping young Haitians get an education.”

Jacky Duvil

Jacky Duvil is a former student of the Sant Zaveryen program in Haiti. He studied Agronomy Science at the Episcopal University in Haiti. He took a particular interest in climate change, especially strategies used by farmers dealing with climate change in Haiti. Since graduating in 2019 he has joined the Organization for Promotion of Agroforestry (OPA) in Haiti, working on their World Food Project (WFP). He has also been a university professor at the State University of Haiti, the Public University of the Center and Quisqueya University.

Jacky is currently a doctoral student under international joint supervision between Caen Normandy (France) and Quisqueya University. He is studying the subject of vulnerability and adaptive capacity in the face of the impacts of climate change in the Caribbean region, particularly on the Hispaniola Island. He is also involved with grassroots agricultural associations, giving conferences at the national level, and working with over 3,000 farmers in 10 communities.