Livenson Louima | Sant Zaveryen, Haiti

My name is Livenson Louima. I spent four years (2019-2023) at the Xaverian Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Thanks to the support of the Xaverian Brothers, I had the chance to graduate in Administrative Sciences at the University of Saint François d’Assise in Haiti. Today, I am a seminarian.

My experience with the Xaverian Brothers was quite beautiful in which I had the chance to learn to live in community, to cultivate a taste for prayer and to practice the apostolate. My time in the community rekindled my flame to follow the Lord. I am sure that this experience will serve me in my pursuit of Christ.

When I joined the Sant Zaveryen program, I was welcomed by the Brothers upon my arrival. They supported us like real leaders. They focused on our studies and gave us guidance in our personal lives. Thanks to the presence of the Xaverian Brothers, many young people have had the chance to not only continue their university studies but also to learn to live in community as the Lord asks of us.