Here is a link to Reflections that Brother Art Caliman gave at Assembly 2006 in Bruges, Belgium.
English: Download Assembly 2006 reflections by Bro. Art
French:  Download Assembly 2006 reflections FR
Here is a link to an interview conducted by Brother Vital of BrotherVictor Kazadi as he celebrated his Golden Jubilee (50 Years) as a Xaverian Brother in Congo:
Frenc: Download Interview with bro victor fr
Dutch: Download Interview with Bro Victor NL 
Here is a link to reflections give by Brother Lawrence Harvey at the Jubilee Celebration in June 2012
English: Download Jubilee Celebration 2012 – Feast of Corpus Christi 
French: Download FR Jubilee Celebration 2012 
Dutch: Download JUBILEUMVIERING 2012
Here is a link to reflections give by Brother Lawrence Harvey at the Jubilee Celebration in June 2011
English: Download Jubilee Reflection 2011
French:  Download Jubilee Reflection 2011 French
Dutch:  Download Jubilee Reflection 2011 Dutch
Here is a link to Reflections prepared for the Season of Lent
English:  Download Lent 2012 reflection 1 ; Download Lent 2012 reflection 2; Download Lent 2012 reflection 3
French:  Download FR Lenten Reflection 1; Download FR Lent 2012 reflection 2; Download FR Lent 2012 reflection 3
Here is link to the Sourcebook that was prepared for the Charism Conferences in 2010-11:  Download Sourcebook Charism Conferences
Here is link to the Foundational Plans of Theodore James Ryken in English:

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  1. Bonaventure Scully on

    4-2-13 OCCASIONAL REFLECTIONS-bonaventure
    Brothers and Priests—Bill Lafratta, Doug Brown, Bishop Walter Sullivan, Associate Fr. Dan Magni, Associate Fr. Richard O’Brien and others…
    Recently Fr. Bill LaFratta, a priest of the Richmond Diocese and a close friend of many of us Xaverians, died. Charles Warthen sent me his obituary from local papers and our Weekly Update list his passing for me these reports gave facts of Bill’s life as a priest but made no reference to his relations with us. This is OK, especially since we as brothers seek no notoriety, but at the same time our relationship was so strong and Gospel pertinent I want to say something. Of course, Cosmas could say so much more since Cos and Bill not only worked together in several diocesan ministries they became close friends over the years. Maybe he will share his memories. Here I just want to share some of my fond memories of Bill. While Doug Brown, now dead several years, means so much to me, I will Doug’s story for another time.
    Bill & CFX
    Bill would have had every Xaverian working for his diocese of Richmond, he was impressed with us. I was somewhat over my head as a new principal of OLGCHS trying to deal with the limited finances and the diminishing number of Brothers, looking six ways for Sunday, and Bill convinces me to participate in a College Encounter Retreat. Bill was persuasive so much so, at one time or another Cosmas (since the early 70’s), Jack Donavan, Rich Costello, Marty Moran, Harry Eccles, Peter Mahoney, John Mahoney, John Doyle among others. Again, Cos was the constant companion. Bill’s ministries include parish priest and its sacramental life, religious ed, youth spiritual life/retreats, college and young adult outreach especially with the Richmond diocesan college Encounter movement, campus ministry for 69 colleges, Richmond Diocesan young adult volunteer communities in Harrisonburg with Peter Mahoney and Blackstone with Harry Eccles, Haitian outreach, among many others. Bill had the way to get things started and to involve others especially XBs to shape and continue the ministries. Cos was usually involved.
    Bill initiated many ministries for their own need and never for himself. He always involved others to bring the ministries to their full effectiveness.
    Bill came to his priesthood a bit later in life and never appeared to be ‘clerical’. We were his brothers and he was our priest. He was extremely hospitable sharing his home and his life with us and others.
    Just one little side: some time in the 90’s I brought eight or so Notre Dame students to experience a RD Encounter with Christ in Richmond which meant during our spring break we drove from South Bend down to Richmond and participated with Virginia college students in the week end retreat which was very involved and allowing for little sleep. The retreat ended Sunday after dinner and the closing exercise and we headed back to South Bend. Needless to sat I drove I drove the 10 hours back! Notre Dame just had its 100th NDE which began by those students who made the trip to experience the Richmond form. Bill and Cos go things started and the spirit carried on…
    Bill Lafratta was one of us in spirit responding unselfishly to the Gospels withis.
    Certainly. He shares in our charism.

  2. Gwen Costello on

    Thanks for this info, Bo. We went to Bill’s funeral but I personally didn’t know what you shared here. Good to hear from you in general.


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