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The last two weeks have been a wonderful reflection on the spirit of the Congregation in Congo in the past, the present, and now into the future. Here are the thoughts of some Brothers who are inspired to carry on the mission into the enigmatic future.
From Brother François Kilonda.

The story of Victor Brothers and Placide inspires me to embrace the future with hope in the sense of this story awakens in me the following conviction: the existence and the future of the congregation is a work of God and not of men.

When there was no hope of continuing the Xaverian life in Congo, because many Congolese brothers left the congregation, God gave strength and courage to Brothers Victor and Placide to overcome the challenges they were faced. This conviction of God’s assistance pushes me to embrace the future with hope.

From Frère Joseph Ngoie, CFX, who is currently in Haiti.

I must confess that Bros. Victor and Placide have embodied in their lives the difficulties that Ryken had come up against from the beginning of our Congregation. They are the prototypes of the Congolese Xaverian vocation.  Why?  Because no matter what the obstacle, they have been faithful to these words of Jesus Christ: “Many are called but few are chosen…”  These Gospel words have made them true apostles,  opening the door for the Congolese to the Congregation of the Xaverian Brothers.

We are always very grateful to them and we pray to God for them, though their health has become somewhat feeble.

If we dare to continue on Ryken’s adventure, it is thanks to their bravery and encouragement.

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