Brother Stephen Cyprian Simiyu Lusweti, CFX. is a third year student of Chemistry and Biology at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi.

Editors Note: All of our Brothers in the Kenyan Region are on their annual retreat this week (31 July – 4 August 2017) at St. Patrick’s Kabula Retreat House. The retreat is animated by Fr. Santulino Ekada, OCD. Each day, one Brother is providing his reflections on the program.
By Brother Stephen Cyprian Simiyu Lusweti 
Our poverty as religious means a lot more than what some of us may know. Let everyone know that a lot of possessions keep us away from God. Brothers instead of having desire for material possession, you have chosen the better part to share the poverty with Christ, The richest of all. In your poverty, you possess everything because you share with Christ in everything. Poverty founds freedom and no poor person can be worried of their wealth because they don’t have any. Those who think they are rich in the world are the poorest because they lack total happiness that comes from vertical and horizontal relationship and nature. Being rich in material does not guarantee a happy life.
Our zeal as religious is to help Jesus deliver the kingdom of heaven. Zeal is the impetus that pushes us to serve, is the spirit driven energy we have toward the service to God’s people. Zeal sometimes vanishes but prayer keeps us going even in difficult. A zealous person not only does what he has been asked to do but may seek to extend the ministry; that is the zeal I am sharing here. Brother, serve and make a follow up because you are on fire to minister and heal the wounded world; and know that those you are serving are your possession.

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