Brother Simon

Brother Simon Wasike reflects with his small group during the Integration Team Meeting in Rome, June 2017.

By Brother Simon Wasike | en français

During our meeting in Rome, I experienced our shared fraternity as each Brother expressed the crossroads across each of the regions that form our congregation. The usage of the phrase, “we are one village” meant to me that the concerns of one region are not only for that particular region but are meant to be the concerns of the entire congregation. This sends me back to the quote in the Fundamental Principles that we are called to be “a band of brothers who mutually … edify and encourage one another…” The fact that each brother was given ample time to share his experience and to be listened to simply meant that a sense of equality was given priority.
However, it became clear that although each region had its challenges as concerns the transformation process, I felt at the end that Kenya’s challenge was among the greatest as we generally lacked a clearly identified sense of mission. Instead of defining and initiating our current mission, we were relying on glorifying the past. I feel the Kenyan region needs more support from other regions in helping the brothers to become self reliant. It does not sound good if the Kenyan region remains dependent on the US for almost 100% of its budget. The region should be supported in such ways as to be able to begin income generating projects and also to help the brothers to diversify their managerial capacities. Apart from giving the brothers the basic education, brothers should be encouraged to specialize in different fields based on their giftedness so that they can apply these gifts and be competent in the increasingly globalized world.
Lastly, I feel that Kenya needs a more participatory leadership in which all brothers (since we are just a few of us) can freely express their views. There seems to be lack of trust of the members by the leaders and vice versa. Such a situation hinders free expression. Thus the effort to foster an inclusive leadership and decision-making will catalyze the renewal and transformation process, because it will encourage brothers to bring up more ideas and agenda for discussion. It is unfortunate that Brothers feel that their concerns are not surfaced as expected. Therefore, a leadership that is driven by continuous dialogue among the council members and the rest of the members should be given a priority.
Above all, I feel spiritual growth within me and even in other brothers in the region, and I am glad that the brothers are embracing the transformation process as the preferable direction at this time of graced crossroads. Thanks and be blessed.

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