“He said to them, ‘Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ At once they left their nets and followed him” – Matthew 4:19-20

I think about the times I have responded in the affirmative and didn’t necessarily have any good defensible or logical reason to do so: the times when I answered yes and followed a path just as St. Andrew said yes and followed Jesus. Accepting that first job offer, signing that first lease, agreeing to do a favor for a friend before I even heard what the favor would be, saying that of course I had time to listen and of course I wouldn’t laugh or get mad or think it was stupid; stating yes I will marry you and build a whole new world with you and raise children with you and grow old with you.

Perhaps not logical, but definitely worth it. For all the risk, I answered yes because my heart (and maybe my gut, too) knew that it was a chance to build a career or create a home or support a friend or raise a child or marry the love of my life. It is not just hindsight that I made the right choices. It’s that I want to be a person who is brave, a person who takes chances, a person whose faith in herself reflects her faith in a God who never abandons. I make all those ordinary, unspectacular choices because they lead to the extra-ordinary, spectacular gift of my life.

Dear Lord, grant me the faith of St. Andrew, to always say yes to the opportunities in my life to serve you and your people.


Peg Weidner

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