“I give You praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned You have revealed them to the childlike” – Luke 10:21

As a child I had the privilege of being surrounded and raised by adults who didn’t own much but happily shared their cultural wealth. There were nuns, teachers, an older brother, grandma, cousins, and neighbors who filled my days –including many dark nights without electricity– with hours of storytelling, readings, songs, and what I call “live history trips” –our school was right across the street from the Ciudad Colonial in Santo Domingo, steps away from the eventual site of the first cathedral, hospital, and university in the Americas. Also, where the Dominican monk, Brother Antonio Montesino launched his fight for the rights of the native tainos, marking the start of efforts for the recognition of fundamental rights of humankind. In this magical and vibrant setting, I fell in love with learning and developed a spirit of inquiry. My favorite book was “el porqué de las cosas” because it thoroughly explained the causes of many things and events that were of importance to me.

Over the past several months I have spent countless hours in emergency rooms, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices accompanying my mother who received a kidney transplant last December. One night while praying on a train back from Boston I came to the realization that I am still that child wanting to know ¿por que?/why? While praying, I asked God, why is she going through so much pain and suffering, and Father please, for how long? God answered immediately and revealed that she is God’s child and I am called to remain by her side, as long as it takes, accepting each day as it comes with a trusting and praising heart. I felt immense peace in understanding that God doesn’t rescue us, instead he fully joins us and remains by our side in our suffering.

Loving and present God, give us the ability to embrace the journey You have called us to embark on, help us during this advent season to remain as ‘childlike’ so we can be filled with a spirit of joy and gratitude for all that is hidden in our journey. Teach us to be patient and faithful but most importantly to trust that You will reveal, at the perfect time, the things that will delight You and prepare us for a Christ-centered celebration. Amen.

Raisa Carrasco-Velez

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