“This is how the birth of Jesus Christ happened. Mary, His mother, having been betrothed to Joseph, found herself with child, by the virtue of the Holy Spirit, before they had lived together. Joseph, her husband, who was a good man and who did not want to defame her, decided to break up with her secretly” – Matthew 1:18-19

To speak of Advent in the Catholic Church is to think of preparing, through the hope of this promise, the coming of the Son of God, who will bring us the salvation and redemption announced to us in the Old Testament. But the question is, “Why do we still wait for this salvation?” We wait for this salvation because we live in a world of hatred, war, ethnic and tribal conflicts, misery and famine, disease and murder. This is why our hope must be great, so that the birth of this Christ for whom we are waiting can bring us consolation and salvation in our moments of suffering. Therefore, our mission as Xaverian Brothers, and lay collaborators, is to show the presence of Christ to all those who are experiencing dark moments in their lives: Children in difficulty, especially those who are unable to learn and who have intellectual difficulties wherever we work as missionaries and disciples of Christ. the light who will be born while following our charismatic principles of our congregation.

Eternal and Almighty God, may this time of Advent be favorable for us to recognize the mystery of Your love and our salvation forever. You who live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

Brother Hubert Mulenga, C.F.X.

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  1. Vincent Maligno PhD on

    Thank you Brother Hubert. Conditions in Africa are much different than in America yet our whole world suffers in many ways. May God bless us all!


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