“While from behind, a voice shall sound in your ears: ’This is the way; walk in it,” when you would turn to the right or to the left”  – Isaiah 30:21

Since becoming a mother, I’ve struggled with balancing my career with professional ambitions, all while ensuring that I’m living a fully purposeful life. I’ve been blessed with professional opportunities, but at times those opportunities require me to make great sacrifices that impact my family life. I’ve found myself questioning if my career choices were in the best interest of my family and more importantly, benefited the greater good.

While I’ve always harnessed the power of prayer, about two years ago I became very intentional about starting every day with praise and worship music. Seeking God’s guidance and support as I approach the day brings ease and assurance that the decisions I make are in line with His vision for me. Finding dedicated time to speak to God continues to be the most impactful part of my day- reinforcing my trust in Him. Despite any difficulties that I face, I know with all my heart that He is informing my decisions.

It was this trust in God’s plan that brought me back to Good Counsel. I vividly remember how deeply I contemplated transitioning into the education sector, from a successful career in the humanitarian sector. However, as I prayed and reflected, God’s will was clear. “The harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few.”

As I enter my second year at Good Counsel, I am grateful for heeding God’s call and the blessings that I have received upon re-entering into this community. I continue to create time and space for contemplation to ensure that my work is guided by faith and what the Xaverian values call us to do. We are truly blessed that Advent provides us with the opportunity to await, welcome, and celebrate the coming of our King and all that He brings.

Our Father, You are the one who fights for us. Open our ears and hearts so that we may continue to trust and become closer to You. We welcome Your coming with all our heart. Amen.

Limnyuy Konglim

2 comments on “December 9

  1. Eileen young on

    I open my morning and evening prayers as well as Grace with “our lord and our god thank you for our (my)lives may we (I) ever be grateful.
    Thank you for your continued ministry.

  2. Gary Meyerl on

    Beginning each day mindful that God speaks to us in the common, ordinary often unspectacular moments of everyday life helps keep me grounded in the present moment vs seeking extra-ordinary events and encounters.


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