“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me” – Matthew 11:29

The verse is a simple yet life changing invitation from our God. Lord, I long for You. In my weakness, in my despair, in my sorrow – I long for You. In my triumphs, in my moments of joy and my countless blessings – I long for You. Truly, as St. Augustine wrote: “our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” God invites us.

Yes, Matthew’s Gospel tells us this. Do we, likewise, invite God? As the Xaverian Brothers’ Fundamental Principles remind us: it is “God, who knows you, understands you, and loves you.” Yes, even better than we ourselves do! The Fundamental Principles challenge us to empty ourselves to Christ. In so doing, we invite Christ into our hearts just as He invites us into His.

His love embraces us. His love secures us. His love offers us true peace. Christ reminds us in His invitation that we are never alone. He walks with us through our sufferings; in our temptations; during the turbulent moments in our lives. And He reminds us to learn from Him.

This reminder is ever present in the Xaverian charism. I know that it has allowed me to find peace during the various obstacles in my own life. For some it may seem like a burden to take on Christ. He Himself admits it is a yoke. But once we take it – Him – on, we will find out how light it really is. For it is Christ who carries it – and us – along the way.

Christ, may we welcome You and surrender ourselves to You. May we accept Your invitation to come to You by making space for You in our lives. May we always be thankful for Your unfailing compassion. Amen.

Salvatore Tinervia

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