“Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled” – Luke 1:45

As my wife and I have spent this year expecting our second child – a daughter – our growing family is a daily reminder of how God is present in all of us. Just as Mary’s greeting caused Elizabeth and her unborn child to be filled with the Holy Spirit, God’s presence in each one of us fulfills in ways we could not otherwise be nourished. The belief that Elizabeth had in the Mother of our Lord, and that belief that was felt in her womb, demonstrates to all of us how our ability to believe in the word of God is rewarded every day.

Looking forward to becoming the father of a young girl, I am forever impressed with and in admiration of all the strong women who play such an important part of our development, culture, and spiritual life. Each day we pray on the Xaverian charisms of patience, trust, zeal, compassion, and humility. These charisms are seen so clearly in the Mother of God, and in all mothers who have heard the voice of the Lord. We are all God’s children, and we are indebted to the mothers who make it possible for all of us to experience His grace.

Dear God, help us to honor the mothers, sisters, and daughters in our life. Allow us to be filled with the Holy Spirit, as Elizabeth was. Amen.

Robert DiRe

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