“The Mighty One has done great things for me and holy is His name” – Luke 1:49

As I was growing up, this festive season would always get as upcountry as a family. It was a time for family gatherings. After almost a year away from the extended family the pressure we piled on my father to let us celebrate Christmas upcountry was enormous. We needed new clothing and shoes for Christmas (we were five boys), our grandparents also depended on him, not to mention the very many relatives who would drop by to be given a Christmas gift. By this time of year, the atmosphere was jovial, we were already in a celebratory mood.

Now that I’m grown up, I realize the burden that was on my father’s shoulders. To be smart in life one needs to select what is important and filter out what is not. My father selected his family.

After the annunciation, Mary had a long, difficult journey of faith as she was left to cope alone with the consequences of her YES. Pregnancy outside marriage was punished by being stoned to death. Her whole life was turned upside down, Joseph would not understand. She could have complained and blamed God but from her lips came a song of praise a song that echoes the words of Hannah, her ancestor of the Old Testament.

My dad did not complain, feel sorry for himself, nor blame God for the burden we were to him as an extended family.

When I am overwhelmed, these words from our Fundamental Principles echo in my mind, “Be, patient therefore with yourself and with God.”

Lord, let Mary’s example help us to trust in Your love whatever the circumstances and to praise You. Amen.

Brother Bernard Mujibi, C.F.X.

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  1. Bill Griffin on

    Thanks for sharing a beautiful story that captures the real meaning of Christmas:The gifts we have received we are to give away.


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