“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word” – Luke 1:38

As we prepare for the birth of Christ tomorrow, today’s reading includes one of the most beautiful moments in the Bible. It is the ultimate lesson on what it means to give ourselves completely to God and to trust His will. We cannot lose sight of the bravery and obedience of Mary in that moment when Gabriel reveals to her that she will carry the Son of God. As she faced the possibility of losing Joseph and being rejected by her community, this trusting and obedient young lady said ‘yes’ to God. She gave everything over to God with that one word.

Would you say ‘yes’?

I often think about Theodore Ryken and how he said ‘yes’ to God. He said ‘yes’ to a life of serving others, and his ‘yes’ turned into a congregation of Brothers who also said ‘yes’ to God. Those ‘yeses’ gave us many remarkable Xaverian schools where young people are challenged each day to listen for God’s call and be prepared to answer. All because Theodore Ryken, like Mary, gave everything over to God and said ‘yes.’ That short word is so simple, and yet, when it comes to answering God’s call, it is profound.

Are you ready to say ‘yes’?

God calls all of us, as He called Mary and Theodore Ryken, and we must have our spirit open to answer Him. Saying ‘yes’ is not a one-time event. Walking with God is an ongoing journey, and every day, He presents new opportunities to be a part of His plan. Now is the time to cast your fears aside and trust His invitation, so that each day, you are ready to say ‘yes.’

Lord, as we anticipate the birth of Your Son and our Savior, help us to be prepared to say ‘yes’ to Your call. Amen.

Amy Sample

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