For the first time this year, we webcast the Opening Prayer Service of the XBSS Student Retreat on Sunday, March 3rd at 7 PM. Thank you to everyone who tuned in LIVE! And thanks to those who have come to view the Prayer Service since!
You may also stay tuned on other events via the Xaverian Brothers Facebook Page (, the XBSS Reatreat Facebook Page (, or
Please feel free to forward this URL ( to anyone in your school who may be interesting in joining us in prayer.

7 comments on “Opening Prayer Service for the XBSS Retreat!

  1. Brother Terence Passionist on

    739pm 3/3/13 thanks mt st joe for the prayer this evening.
    tech comments both the beginning and ending video song audio was bad/poor….I hope that is was good in the conference lounge.
    Br Terence CP
    I am in the retreat center bldg….maybe people in Ma or Ky had better audio in this webcast.

  2. Brother Robert Green on

    I was unable to watch the prayer service live, but I have very much enjoyed the tape. Best wishes and prayers for all the adults and students participating in the retreat. I pray for God’s blessings on each of you and your schools, through the intercession of St Francis Xavier and Brother Theodore Ryken. Special warm regards to Patrick and the MC boys. Please pray for us!
    Brother Robert

  3. Dylan Cullen and Miranda Groux on

    We hope that everyone is having a great experience! Seeing this prayer service brought back so many memories. It was so wonderful to be able to pray with the Xaverian Brother Sponsored Schools community.


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