Brother Rutal Bulongo, C.F.X. resides in Lubumbashi where he is currently a student. In his free time he loves to garden. In this clip, Brother Rutal talks about his ministry with street children and what he learned about giving love and affection where it’s needed.

Transcript: “I’m trying to plant some orange trees. I like farming very much, and especially taking care of flowers. My parents initiated me to agriculture. From that time I got fond of sometimes passing time digging here and there, taking care of flowers, or farming somewhere.

“The activity I did first when I came as an aspirant: I worked with the street kids. I think these young people are in need of love, of affection. Once we show them affection they see that everything will be OK, alright, and they will also show you affection. They do also love. Whenever you give them affection they respond in affection.

“We live the spiritual life while being in ministry. And we live ministry doing our spiritual life, so it is combined. Whenever you are in ministry, you have to live your spiritual life there, and whenever you are living your spiritual life, you have also to connect the ministry to your spiritual life.”

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