Brother Anthony Nakhumwa Dindi is currently at the International Novitiate in Kipushi, Congo (DRC). Early in his life he learned to cook from his mother and took his skills to restaurant and hotel kitchens. There is developed a passion for all things culinary, and today he finds joy in cooking for his fellow Brothers.

Transcript: “You can be somewhere for even twenty years,eh? And you end up going another direction where you had not hoped to be. Even me, ’cause for almost 27 years, I was somewhere…wandering.
“In our culture, when you are young and there is no…you are the eldest son in the family–when there is no one ahead–you are supposed to chip in and start learning to cook and doing some jobs, home chores. So it came up to be a part of my daily activity and I helped cook. And later on, after school, I ventured to restaurant and hotel jobs, where it came up now to be a serious thing.
“It’s part of my daily activity, ’cause I love it. I may say it is a gift, too.
“This is a life of sharing, love…community life, eh? You learn it. It’s a process.
“That’s why I’ve said, God’s plans, we only adore them. ‘Cause you can’t plan for him. you plan, but he plans for you already, he has planned for you.”

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  1. Br. Anthony Dindi on

    I feel great to see the posting of my talk ?ay God bless us always ………..Living in harmony small things grow.


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