Brother Marc Kabwita Mufuka, C.F.X. is on the formation team at the International Novitiate in Kipushi, Congo (DRC). In this clip he talks about his personal understanding of the Xaverian charism in mission.

Transcipt: “Love and compassion…as a Xaverian Brother, I think it is our–what can I say–our quality, yeah, our quality to be there as a sign of love and compassion to the world.
“I am interested to be in the classroom with young people; teaching them. That kind of ministry is very quiet, but the important [thing] for me, I think it’s to be the presence of God in those activities we are doing. And to encourage them to follow Christ according to Ryken’s vision. Because Ryken wants his disciples to go everywhere in the world. To bring the message of peace, the message of life, the message of love. That is the evangel…that is the gospel message. And I am happy to work with young people and to encourage them to follow Ryken’s vision.
“In particular, in our country, Congo, we need to show to people the love and the mercy of our God. That is my conviction as a Xaverian Brother.”

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