Brother Mike Foley currently lives and does ministry in Narus, South Sudan. In the following clip he discusses why he is at home among the poor.

One comment on “On Living Among the Poor

  1. Godfrey MURAMARA on

    I am an old student of Brother Mike Foley. He taught me mathematics and chemistry at St. Peters Mumias.
    I later met him while he was a teacher at Katilu Boys High School in Turkana. At the time, I had just been posted to Katilu Irrigation Scheme as a Project Irrigation Engineer on my first posting after graduating from College.

    Brother Mike Foley is the epitome of selfless service with a passion to serve the poor. In my mid fifties now, I am considering several options of how to live out the rest of my life. Service to the poor is increasingly attractive to me. Brother Mike is an example of a life well lived and I speak about him at every opportunity to my adult children as an example to emulate.

    It would be great to get to speak or read from Brother Mike Foley and will appreciate if I can get his contacts.

    Thanks You and God Bless.
    Godfrey MURAMARA


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