Brother François is currently serving as Headmaster at the Complexe Scolaire Tutazamie in his hometown, Likasi, Congo (DRC). In this video clip Brother François speaks about how being from Likasi motivates him to prepare his students to encounter the broader economic and social issues in the town and the country.

Transcript: “You know, the kids we have in our schools are very lucky here, because we try to take care of them, just try to make them understand that the future of the country is in their hands, and they have to prepare for that. And we try to do the best we can. Yeah, so we can make them be aware of the situation and the poverty of the country and how hard they have to work just to change, if possible, the situation. And we try to fit for that. Yes, to make them be conscious of what is going on in the country.”

“So I know quite well that town, and myself [I’m] aware of what’s happening there and what is going on there. Yes, that’s why you see, with what I try to do, I do it with my heart. You know, it’s…I’m really…it’s my country, it’s my town. Yes, so even in the school I try to, to work and to do the best I can to make the boys and the young girls to understand that this is a story we are making exactly for the future of our town and of the country.”

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