Brother Bede Benn, C.F.X. is a member of the community at Xaverian House in Danvers, Massachusetts. In this clip he talks about trusting in God as he lives into older age. Brother Bede is seemingly as carefree as one can be, and to many brothers Bede is a living saint, a role model.

Transcript: “Well I thank God that I happen to be a Xaverian Brother by accident and I enjoyed every minute of it and I thank God for that.”

“I pray that when God calls me that I’ll be ready. And I must realize that I am passing through a stage, and you know, I have to depend on my faith to say that God will take me home. And home is where heaven is. So sometimes I say, ‘God I don’t know how I can last in heaven when I find it tired being here in church,’ and so forth like that. So it’s one of those things that I say a prayer…try to say a prayer everyday for preparation for death, you know. Because at my age, I never know. See I never expected to be this old, you know?”

“I hope and pray there isn’t any fear, you know. The question is to trust in God and know that God knows what he’s doing. I always tell people, ‘The good ones die young, you know?’ So I don’t know what happens to me, but it’s good, yeah.”

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