The Brothers started their mission in Kasenga in 1933, but had to withdraw in the 1970’s due to personnel shortages. But the Brothers returned in 2009. Brother Serge came to Kasenga soon after and has been teaching English and Music in the school there. In this clip he talks about the Brothers’ effect on the community and education in this region of Congo.

Transcript: “As we are back, we are trying to rejuvenate things here.”

[Text on screen] The Brothers first came to Kasenga in 1933. In the 1970’s they were forced to withdraw. The mission was reopened in 2009.

“So what you are trying to do is help these kids, and most of them which are poor, to also study in good conditions, that’s why you’ve seen computers around. We have also internet to help them be at a good level of all the kids we find, whether in town or in Lubumbashi or wherever.”

“We are not imposing ourselves on the rhythm. OK, there is a certain rhythm going on. So what we learn to do is move slowly, slowly. And then, even now, you will see that some of them have succeeded to the state exam, which is something which didn’t happen in years past.

“I think going back in Ryken’s steps, he really wanted to have full educated men and women, when he was going to take care of the Indians. So I think that’s where goes…we go to the history of it, because Brothers are completely engaged. So whatever you’re doing, you are not doing it as a one person, OK, a private person, single from the community. But whatever we have, we share it in the community, OK. A dialogue between Brothers helps us move ahead, OK. So, if I have difficulties in class or with students, in the evening I will talk to my Brothers at table and then we sustain each other, we give each other advices…a piece of advice, to see what we can do the next day. And I think that’s the thing which really helps us be strong. OK, so you are not doing it as one person, but as a community, where we will do great things.”


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