Brother Ghislain currently resides in Lubumbashi, Congo (DRC) where he does his studies and works in various ministries. In this clip he talks about what it means to feel the presence of God in his life and how his fellow Brothers support him in his talents.

Transcript: “It is not easy to be at university and to have, also, a lot of activities in the Diocese–even in other Diocese: Kiwa-Kasanga, Kipushi, and so on. So it’s because God is there. And, um, God has given me a grace, which I can’t even explain. That grace helps me to manage the things. So, I always experience the presence of God in…every time, in all of what I have to do.”
“I have to say, first, thanks to all Xaverian Brothers, because I’m not…very well than others…I’m not very good than others…I’m not a good brother than others. I fail sometimes. And brothers always give that support. So for me that is one of the best things that I always experience in my life–the support of my brothers. That’s why I give them thanks. And I hope that they will continue to support me, support my gift, to support also my friend (I don’t know if that’s the word, maybe, yeah). So I think they’ll continue to support me in order for me to realize my dream.”

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