Above photo of the bell tower from Sint-Franciscus Xaverius-Instituut, Bruges. This is the bell which called the Brothers to daily prayer on Mariastraat.

Dear Brothers, Associates and Partners in Mission: 

Our world has changed rather quickly in the past month because of the coronavirus pandemic. Every day brings more change and greater anxiety as more people contract the virus and millions lose their jobs. Our journey through Holy Week is different this year and takes on added meaning because of COVID-19. Social distancing prevents us from getting together to celebrate Easter with our community and our family. Even more, the spiritual journey through Jesus’ Passion seems more real and closer to our experience of suffering and isolation these days. 

The image of Pope Francis celebrating Palm Sunday Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica to an empty church conveys a powerful message about demands of the “new normal.” In his homily Pope Francis spoke about the tragic situation caused by the virus and reminded us “not to be caught up in things that matter less; to rediscover that life is of no use if not used to serve others.” The foundation of our lives as a Xaverian community is “to even greater service of the Lord.” As we experience the coronavirus together, I hope and pray that all of us will go beyond ourselves and be a healing presence in our community and our families. At the same time, may we “discover ways to incarnate anew the vision of Theodore James Ryken and the charism of the Brothers of Saint Francis Xavier in the life of the world.” 

Through these days of uncertainty, we prayed together virtually, and I have come to appreciate more the international Xaverian community and the personal and spiritual connections we share. I also keep in mind the message of Easter which gives us a deep awareness that God is with us no matter the circumstances of our lives. We can humbly approach Easter with great joy because Easter changes everything. Of course, questions will remain unanswered, but we do know God is close to the world’s suffering through Jesus’ Passion. 

The Generalate staff and I are grateful for our personal and spiritual closeness to you and assure you of our prayer for you and your family this extraordinary Easter season. 

Happy Easter!

Brother Daniel Skala, C.F.X. | General Superior

5 comments on “An Easter Message from Brother Daniel Skala

  1. Robert L Smith on

    Dear Brother Daniel.
    As a former student at Xaverian HS (Brooklyn) in the 1960s, I have always been thankful for the education I received from the Xaverian Brothers. I remember Brother Claude and Brother Patrick and Brother August. I have tried to support the Brothers and the school every year. I hope that all of the Brothers are well and will continue to pray for all of their former students. They are always in our prayers.

  2. Robert H. Englert on

    Peace be with the Xavierians and everyone associated with the mission of the Brothers. My father, three brothers and myself,four grandson and nephews have benefited and prospered from the charism and education we all received. The Holy Trinity is always with us.
    Robert Englert St. X 66 Louisville Kentucky :

    • Peter C. Corbett on

      As a alumnus of the Working Boys’ Home, Newton Highlands, Mass. Back in 1949-1953. The Xaverian Brothers took in a abused and unwanted boy they gave him a roof over his head, food for his Stomach, a place to sleep. But more importantly they gave me their love, attention, and education. Along with teaching me the Love of God and His love of me. I had the Honor of sharing my life with those Brothers. I have always said those were the best four years in my young life. Their is where my life was started.
      May all those Brothers who shared their lives with me Rest in Peace, Amen.
      Wish all the Xaveian Brothers a Happy and Joyous Easter.

  3. Steve Kinsella on

    Cannot thank enough the Xavarian Brothers, I and both my brothers, Buddy (Chris) and Billy had for teachers and mentors. at St. Teresa of Availa elemeentary school in Brooklyn. Wishing all the good Brothers, past and present a happy and healthy Easter. God Bless.


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