December 24

As we write this reflection in late August, we realized that for this past year-and-a-half many of us in the United States, and in the world at large[read more]

December 23

God rendered Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah mute when he doubted God’s messenger, the angel Gabriel, who had appeared to him to say that Elizabeth, though barren and old, would give birth[read more]

December 22

The Magnificat, taken from Luke’s Gospel, is one of my favorite readings in scripture. This occurs right after Mary has been visited by the Angel Gabriel to inform her that she is to be the Mother of God[read more]

December 21

Today’s Gospel reading from Luke echoes the feast of the visitation. Mary has just said her “yes” to become the mother of the Savior, learns of her cousin Elizabeth’s late-in- life pregnancy and journeys to help her[read more]

December 19

Through today’s Gospel, we see Elizabeth discovering Mary as the mother of the Lord. Elizabeth recognizes this dignity of Mary through a very ordinary action: Mary’s visit to her[read more]

December 18

Joseph decided to divorce Mary quietly, not wanting her shamed. Unlikely in a little town like Nazareth though. Tough decision! Why not sleep on it?[read more]

December 17

Every time we assemble for Eucharist, we are challenged to focus and listen attentively to the proclamation of the word of God, the message and the proclaimer[read more]

December 16

The Psalms of David were my grandmother’s favorite. She loved the poetic writing of a man expressing his relationship and walk with God in the good and bad, through a variety of emotions and experiences[read more]