In Haiti, Hope Prevails Amid Dire Conditions

Despite an endless myriad of challenges and upheaval in Haiti, the Sant Zavereyen community had the honor and joy of attending a graduation ceremony for one of their students. Livenson, who joined the Sant community in 2018[read more]

Students Leave Crime-Ridden Neighborhood, Join Sant Zaveryen Community

The story of these two students is truly horrifying. They spent almost three years living on the streets, and nights in the auditorium of their school. Being a student in Haiti has been a stressful situation for the last few years, with socio-political issues and crime.[read more]

Growth and Change in Consciousness

By Brother John HamiltonFollowing the General Chapter of 1995, we often spoke quite glibly of our “international” identity. Yet, until recently, we had not really begun the serious effort to listen to and understand each other across our cultural divides.[read more]