Despite an endless myriad of challenges and upheaval in Haiti, the Sant Zavereyen community had the honor and joy of attending a graduation ceremony for one of their students. Livenson, who joined the Sant community in 2018, graduated from the University of Saint Francis of Assisi with a degree in Administrative Sciences. Perseverance and hard work paid off in the end, even amid a society plagued with instability, high living costs, and armed gangs patrolling the streets. Universities struggled to maintain normalcy, but Livenson kept his focus and didn’t let anything move him as he pursued his goal and finished strong.

“As Nelson Mandela said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,’” said Brother Adolph. Continued support helps students in their university studies so they can help change their communities.

Brothers Adolph and Vincent have acted as mentors and parents to their students. Even though the socio-political reality of Haiti is in turmoil, they have not stopped accompanying their students with love, care, and compassion.

“We are excited for Livenson and we wish him well as he moves onto the next phase of his life,” stated Brother Vincent.

“Haiti needs modern day heroes, and the Sant is helping to develop a team of them,” said Brother Bill Griffin.

Yvronel Joseph, from the class of 2018, brought his mobile dental team to St. Gabriel’s school campus in his hometown of Fontaine, for a four-day clinic. The six-member team offered free or highly discounted dental services to 150 patients, free check-ups, cleanings, fillings, and extractions.

Yvronel hopes to return to Fontaine three or four times a year to follow up with his patients and provide dental health education to students and community members.

Sant students ask for continued prayers as they navigate uncertain times amid political and societal disruption.

“Our students thank you for your support and this thanks comes from the bottom of their hearts because you made this community available to them,” said Brother Adolph.

The Brothers continue to help these students achieve their personal and academic goals and have created a new family for desperate young people in challenging circumstances.

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