Pictured below, from left: Dr. Loubens Myrthil, Dr. Noemie Pierre, Audelin Joseph, Dr. Yvronel Joseph, Dr. Lautine Florvius, Bro. Bill Griffin CFX. Missing: Dr. Djunal Joachim, Dr. Samuel Joachim.

In Haiti, a St. Gabriel’s 2018 graduate, Dr. Yvronel Joseph, ran a four-day dental clinic offering free or highly discounted dental service to over 130 patients in his home town, Fontaine.

Dr. Yvronel is the brother of Audelin Joseph, the new director of St. Gabriel’s and one of its founders. Both of them are students of Sant Zaveryen.

Dr. Yvronel feels as if he’s beginning to fulfill his life-long mission of returning the gift of his education to his home village which has no dental services.  He passionately explained that it is his gratitude for the gifts he has received that encourages him to gift others with his services.  He said, “It’s services to help people that are more important than money.” He thinks that rather than money, it is “service to others” that will develop Haiti.

When asked how he and the other doctors could afford to sponsor the clinic, Yvronel responded, “I save every penny I can, skip buying meals and ask other doctors to help me fulfill my mission of service. Enough believe in me and it all adds up.”

Thank you for your faithful support of the Xaverian Brothers’ mission in Haiti. Without your continued generosity we would be very limited in our ministry to the people of Haiti.

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