Belardet Brisseau with children during a visit to the Scalabrini Fathers’ parish in Corail, pre-social distancing.

A Message From Brother Vincent Ilunga Mutombo, CFX

Life in Haiti is marked by greater insecurity in the huge Martissant neighborhood of Port-au-Prince and by the Coronavirus pandemic. Add to that famine and unemployment. Confronted by these factors, the government struggles to find solutions, and most are having trouble taking charge of their circumstances. Despite powerless feelings, we Xaverian Brothers and students at the Xaverian Center of Croix des Bouquets in Port-au-Price, are aware that these problems have repercussions on our families, friends, acquaintances, fellow students, and everyone around us. We didn’t view the pandemic containment measures decreed by the government as a signal to become apathetic and carefree, but rather spurred more towards small initiatives, performed with love and precautions, for the service of the needy in our society as Lent 2020 began.

In collaboration with the Scalabrini Fathers, we started a ministry in the parish of St. Thomas of Corail. This ministry consists of Sunday Mass, and after doing catechesis with the children, involvement in activities of the young and visit the sick. Corail, about 12 miles from the town center, is one of the sites where the government relocated victims of the 2010 earthquake.

Two students from the center, Daniel and Belardet, are involved in an awareness program on Coronavirus prevention. Our community is a home where we receive all kinds of people: children who come to play, adults who come to talk and share their problems, school pupils and college students requesting time to do their research and consult the library. Our life also radiates to our environment through our organized visits to the sick. On behalf of the students at Sant Zaveryan, I thank all those who support our Xaverian mission in Haiti: the Generalate, the donors, and all people of good will. May God bless you all!

Brother Vincent Ilunga Mutombo, CFX

Thank you for your faithful support of the Xaverian Brothers’ mission in Haiti. Without your continued generosity we would be very limited in our ministry to the people of Haiti.

Brother Vincent Ilunga Mutombo, CFX

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