Pictured left: Sant student Yvronel and the kids laughing and having fun. Pictured right: Back row, left to right – Sant students Stanley, Yvronel and Livenson celebrate Easter with a local family, bringing them rice and other necessities, and living out the call to be examples of God’s compassionate love.


Raoul Follerau

During Lent, the Sant Zaveryen community makes sacrifices in order to help others in their local community. Three students from Sant Zaveryen recently went to visit a local family to bring them Easter joy with a delivery of rice and other necessities.

Since the beginning of May, the climate has remained tense in the Haitian capital of Port au Prince. Clashes between two armed gangs continue without the national police being able to put an end to them and regain control of the area. There is a general indifference from the government. In the provisional report published by the civil protection department, recently 39 people were killed, 8 missing and 68 injured. Still according to the explanations of civil protection officials, the violence in Port au Prince caused the displacement of at least 9,000 people.

“After a few days of conflict, since the beginning of this week we have experienced a moment of respite in which far fewer automatic weapon detonations have been heard,” said Brother Vincent Ilunga. “However, the situation in capital remains tense and we fear another escalation of violence in the area. Thank you for all the people who pray for us and may the Lord bless our congregation.”

On behalf of the students at Sant Zaveryen, Brother Vincent Ilunga Mutombo thanks all those who support our Xaverian mission in Haiti: the Generalate, the donors, and all people of good will who provide transformative opportunities to help change lives and futures forever.

Thank you for your faithful support of the Xaverian Brothers’ mission in Haiti. Without your continued generosity we would be very limited in our ministry to the people of Haiti.

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