Pictured above: Associate Dan Minton, Brother Cornie Hubbuch, C.F.X., and XBSS member Gary Ulmer converse at the Kentucky luncheon.

For the first time since 2019, in-person luncheons were hosted for members of the Theodore James Ryken Society. Due to the global pandemic, gatherings were cancelled for the last two years, supplemented by online events. 2022’s much-welcome return of the luncheons provided an opportunity to reunite, reconnect, and celebrate the thriving mission of the Xaverian Brothers and Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools, and the generous support of our benefactors.

On October 5, a luncheon was held at Big Spring Country Club in Louisville, KY, for about 55 attendees. Stephanie Stricker of the Advancement Office welcomed everyone and thanked our kind donors for their backing, which has led to transformed lives and communities across the world. Brother Cornelius Hubbuch, C.F.X. introduced the Brothers who reside at Treyton Oak Towers in downtown Louisville, sharing a brief background of their missions and years of service. Brother Brian Davis, C.F.X. spoke on behalf of the Congregation highlighting his recent travel to Congo and Kenya. Dr. Ben Horgan and Dr. Patrick Slattery of XBSS were also in attendance.

A second luncheon was held on October 25 at the Sheraton Boston-Needham Hotel in MA. Stephanie welcomed attendees and thanked everyone for their generosity.

At both events, an updated video highlighting the Xaverian mission (see back cover) showcased most recent happenings including imagery and video clips from Kenya, Congo, Haiti, and the U.S. Brother Daniel Skala, C.F.X., General Superior, expressed his happiness to be back in his home state of Massachusetts, and spoke on behalf of the mission, recanting stories from his summer visits to Africa and answering questions. Brother Richard Lunny, C.F.X., and Dr. Patrick Slattery of XBSS, as well as Communications Director Josh Kinney, were also in attendance.

The Theodore James Ryken Society recognizes friends of the Brothers who are involved in the Xaverian mission through their interest, moral support, prayers, and donations of $1,000 or more annually.

As the mission continues to touch the lives of the neediest people through human development and education of youth, the question still asked in determining the mission’s focus remains the same: “If we don’t do this ministry, who will?”

To learn more about the Theodore James Ryken Society and the specific projects and programs that need support, please contact Stephanie Stricker at 410-646-6777 or send her an email at sstricker@xaverianbrothers.org

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