December 21

As my wife and I have spent this year expecting our second child – a daughter – our growing family is a daily reminder of how God is present[read more]

December 20

I know a bright and thoughtful young man with whom I’ve been privileged to enjoy a good relationship during his time at Malden Catholic.[read more]

December 19

Many years ago I first heard the expression, “Let go and let God”, and wrestled with its implications. It asks me to trust in God[read more]

December 18

In just one week, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, God becoming man, a creature like one of us. This is almost too much to behold[read more]

December 17

It is obvious from reading today’s Gospel that John the Baptist knows who he is. He acknowledges and stands firm in who he is when responding to the Priest[read more]

December 16

When invited to write a reflection for this booklet, I was quite honored and excited to be presented with the wonderful opportunity.[read more]