December 2

In many ways, today’s Gospel is straightforward. Two blind men follow Jesus, asking for His healing. Jesus, perhaps mindful of the scene that such an event would cause, does not respond to them until He has left the road and entered a house.[read more]

December 1

In today’s Gospel, Jesus ends the Sermon on the Mount with a call to action. If we are to enter the Kingdom of God, you and I are to do the will of God.[read more]

November 29

One clear summer evening, I noticed a bright light in the sky. It was too bright to be a star, so I surmised it was most likely a planet.[read more]

November 28

As a child, my siblings and I enjoyed decorating our home for Christmas. My favorite task was unwrapping the Holy Family figurines for the small table-top stable from their year-old newspaper. [read more]

November 27

My initial response to these readings is the challenge to be alert. Alert to the Holy Spirit’s invite to “walk in the light of the Lord” in a variety of relationships.[read more]

2022 Ryken Society Mission Video

We have a very strong and rich legacy of service in the Xaverian tradition and at this moment in our history we need to discern how God is calling us anew to love as those missionary disciples[read more]