Pictured above: Madam Betty of St. Xavier, hands an award to one of the best performing students in languages, Steve. It is the tradition at St. Xavier, Bungoma to recognize the students who have done very well in different fields at the end of the school term. Photo taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Preparing for the reopening of St. Xavier High School in Bungoma, Kenya, has been a challenge for both staff and students. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll, yet Brother Dan Ssenyomo, Assistant Headmaster, remains hopeful despite the lack of support for private schools from the Kenyan government. They are striving to align St. Xavier’s with the Ministry of Education’s new health guidelines and working to ensure a safe infrastructure including social distancing. Protocols issued include provision of water stations, sanitizers, and a face mask requirement. The new changes have been coordinated by Principal Mr. Charles Ogutu, and Brothers Dan Ssenyomo, Anthony Dindi, Edmond and Masese, as well as the staff of the St. Xavier community with supervision of the Regional Coordinator, Brother Dan Ongeso.

“We remain hopeful that with the support of the congregation, the region, and God’s providence, we will realize our goals,” said Brother Ongeso.

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