“(Jesus) said to them, ‘Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ At once they left their nets and followed Him” – Matthew 4:19-20

Really? Come on now, it couldn’t have been that easy!

That’s not my world, that’s not my experience. My world demands cost analysis, ZOOM conferences, projections, and assorted other research. I am a reasonable man, I am a practical man. And yet I can’t help but to wonder: what did Andrew and the others know that I can’t, won’t or don’t know? What did they see that I am blind to?

I am going to take some solace in noting that this story is remembered several decades after the fact, and the reality of a life lived with Jesus may have made the evangelists memory a little sweeter than the actual event. I am going to believe that the future apostles did somewhat struggle with their decision, but when they remembered – in light of the realization of the Incarnation and the experience of the Resurrection – even the struggles were forgotten, and ultimately they chose a life with the Lord. The same invitation is made to all of us.

My journey for this Advent is beginning. Like each year I have doubts, questions, and struggles but each year it seems a little easier to march forward and believe God will provide. It worked for Andrew and his brother, it worked for Ryken and his brothers, I am pretty sure it will work for me and my family.

Lord give me the strength to let go of the nets of trivia and silliness that bind me and let me embrace only what is truly important.


Deacon Kevin McCormack

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