“This is the LORD for whom we looked;  let us rejoice and be glad that he has saved us!” – Isaiah 25:9

My two-year-old daughter loves to play hide and seek. She forces everyone in the family to hide and will start looking for them right when she counts. When she finds someone, she will exclaim in the loudest voice possible – “I found me.” Though this announcement caused laughter for us initially, it led to a deeper reflection later. As followers of Christ, ‘finding oneself’ should be at the top of our priority list during this season of Advent. This finding involves recognizing oneself as a child of God, noticing the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters as our own, and a desire to make a difference. But more often, when the busyness of everyday life takes over, we get distracted from focusing on preparing ourselves in welcoming the Incarnate Word of God.

In the gospel reading today, Jesus noticed the pain and suffering of people around him and was filled with pity. Rather than ignoring them, he cured them and even went on to satisfy their physical hunger. The pain of others became his own; the struggles of others became his; He became one with all those in need. Maybe this needs to happen in our own lives, especially during this season of waiting – finding yourself in our brothers and sisters, and tending to their needs, whatever they might be. When that happens, the Incarnate Word takes form in our hearts and lives.

Child Jesus, may we have the inner eye to see YOU in each other and the grace to rejoice when we find You. In God’s name, we pray.


Renju Paul

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