“I am the immaculate conception,” (Luke 1:26 – 38) says Mary to Bernadette Sibirous.

There are many mothers whose sons have been famous and many women who have exerted influence in the fields of power, art or science. Today it is in Mary alone that we exalt and venerate. It is in her alone above all creatures in whom we rejoice. The word of God speaks to us today of Mary in terms of her being worthy of our greatest attention. God consecrated Mary in His work of salvation. God chose Mary and she knew how to say yes to His call. It was God who inspired Mary to offer herself completely to Him. God aroused in Mary zeal for His house by an intimate union with him.

Like Mary, let us open our hearts to the Lord, open our door to Jesus, let us invite Jesus to enter. Jesus wishes to establish bonds of trust with each and every one of us. Mary invites us to imitate Jesus her son. This imitation is possible, but it becomes difficult when we cling to people and things that take us away from God. Mary also challenges us by helping us to realize that at times what we are doing is not right. We may even find it difficult to change. May this day when we celebrate Mary without sin allow us to sing about the wonders that God has accomplished in her.

O Immaculate Virgin, you are all beautiful. And God has always loved you. With respect, with love, we greet you, Mary full of grace.


Brother Vincent Ilunga, C.F.X.

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