“…John was a lamp that burns and illuminates, and for a moment you felt good with his light. But I have a better recommendation than that of John…”  – John 5:33-36

One day I was at a friend’s house for a visit. After our chat, I made my way back. So, my friend decided to accompany me. Along the way, he showed me a dark hallway, reassuring me that he would lead me to the other end. So, I made the decision to go ahead. As I walked, the light bulbs came on, the hallway became brighter and brighter, suddenly ceasing to be dark. I was overjoyed to find the exit door.

Light is essential to our lives. Deprived of light, we will find it difficult to carry out the simplest acts. Thanks to light, we can move around easily, be aware of the dangers around us and avoid them.

Today’s Gospel presents Jesus’ discourse on the theme of light. John, brought the light of Christ to the world, calling us to repentance.

Jesus, on the other hand, reflects the Light of the Father and invites people to offer their lives to the Father. Everything we do must be done in the way of Jesus, that is, for the glory of God the Father. Jesus Himself sets the example by witnessing to His Love and Mercy, and by doing the will of the Father; He invites us thereby, to be firm on the path of truth, to remain in the providence of the Father, always depending on Him, because it is He who will light our road to Christmas.

Lord Jesus,

Make me a caring disciple during this time of Advent.

Light up the lives of those who are alone or sad, so that they can find joy in You.


Brother Adolph Kabulo, C.F.X.

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