“The LORD has removed the judgment against you, He has turned away your enemies” – Zephaniah 3:15

The Advent season as I see it is a thoughtfully planned season with beautiful readings to allow the church members to get into the moment of hope. One of the greatest questions to us all is whether this season of Advent is really in us, as anticipated by the church.

In the first reading of today for instance, Prophet Zephaniah gives us a clear picture of what is God’s plan for His people. Reading the same message as believers, God communicates to us through the church that His plans for us are plans for restoration.

In the Gospel too, we see God affirming that for sure He has chosen one among human to fulfill His promise to humanity (Luke 1:43). The promise of returning the hope that was lost through original sin. Therefore, the season of Advent is a great season for us as believers because it is a season of hope.

A quote from the Fundamental Principles states:

Can a mother forget her infant

or be without tenderness

for the child of her womb?

I will never forget you.

I have branded you

on the palm of my hands

During this season we are called to remember that regardless of all that we may be going through, God who is our Father is not going to leave us alone. The Fundamental Principles, similarly, are built on the same blueprint, that we should remain with hope!

Dear God, who called Theodore James Ryken and gave him a heart of hope at a time when the situation could not vindicate him, enkindle in us the spike of hope. Let us await the coming of Your Son our Lord, with undeterred resilience.


Brother Festus Mulu, C.F.X.

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