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In the following video clip, Brother John Hamilton, C.F.X., talks about the process of personal formative spirituality as a “returning to our true place,” a place of groundedness in God and awareness of our true self.

We invite you to react and respond in the comments section below. How is prayer helping you to see a call to your own limits?

Transcript: “You go into an experience and you hope that all of your limitations are going to be transcended and all of your struggles and foibles are gonna be filled. You know, the valleys are gonna to be brought up. And the truth is, the deeper thing that happens is that you begin to see that your call is also your limits. And you begin to change in relationship to those limits, I think.

“Most of all, what was given was a way of seeing life, which is: my life is not isolated and separate in all of its aspects, but it is part of a ground. It is set against a ground. And that ground is the creative love of God. And it’s not just me, but we all sit in that place. And so, it’s living in the truth of who we are. And, in a way, being present in compassion and humility to our limits that, I think, we discover our direction.

“We can trust that who God made us to be, with what we see as the strengths and the limits, is the call that we are. And it’s often the things that seem, to us, that we like to avoid or feel ashamed of or move away from that are the deeper pointers to the call.”

Brother John D. Hamilton, C.F.X. holds graduate degrees in English from Wesleyan University and in Formative Spirituality from Duquesne University.  In addition to his work at Resources in Spiritual Formation , he is also General Councilor for Formation for the Xaverian Brothers. Resources in Spiritual Formation’s home is Xavier Center in Danvers, Massachusetts. Find out more about the upcoming programs here: Winter-Spring 2013 Programs. And find additional resources on the RSF website:

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