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In the following video clip, Brother Dominique Olondo, C.F.X. talks about what he believes this suffering world needs.

We invite you to react and respond in the comments section below. What suffering has brought you closer to God? What can you do to share this light with others?

Transcript: “How can you live in a place where your friends, your relatives, members of the family have been killed every day. Or you are living in a place where people are working but without receiving salaries. You are living in a place where there is no water, even for years and years. You have to go to the river, to go to this place. You are living in a place where there is no electricity for others.

“You, you are thinking that maybe the world needs money to survive. The world needs this and that. But for me I can tell you, the world needs God. That’s all: the world needs God.

“If you come to understand those problems you will love God more. You are not going to withdraw from your faith. You will love Him. Because the problems that we do have in this world today is men problems, men and women problems. Those problems don’t come from God. God created us to live in peace, in harmony, in joy.

“So I have to get very stronger everyday. And to be also so strong so that I can try to convince even two of my friends, one of the members of my family, one of this one, one of that–maybe a group of five. If we pray together, tomorrow we will be ten and the other day we will be maybe twenty and this world could have a light from us.”


Brother Dominique Omedjunga Olondo, C.F.X. , originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, currently resides in Bungoma, Kenya, where he directs the Formation Team for the postulants at Saint Joseph Centre.  Among other ministries, Dominique and the postulants serve the street children of Bungoma. You can see some images and stories from that ministry in our Facebook album “Bungoma” by clicking here.

2 comments on “Dominique Olondo on Turning Toward God [Video]

  1. John Hamilton on

    Thanks, Dominique, for this simple yet powerful reflection. To enter into the world’s suffering is truly how we discover God’s love and the possibility of communion and a growing community that is the gift we discover when we are with and for each other in that love.

  2. Fr jean - paulin on

    I am very happy for this speesh for my brother Dominique, it means you are very attentive to the needs for the people. That is a good reflection about our own reality wich we are living as africains. I think , as human being is impossible to resolve all problems in the world but God himsel will provide in needing of peolple.
    May the Lord bless you and protect you for you nice reflection.
    your brother Jean – paulin cfx


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