Brother Cornie Hubbuch, C.F.X. talks about falling in love with God and God can change everything for us and our relationship to ourself, our neighbor, and the world.

Transcript: What is absolutely foundational is, Ryken talks about falling in love with God. To me that is absolutely foundational. And, of course, I think, too, what’s foundational is internalizing, not just theologizing about it–that God loves us–but internalizing that; that God does love me and God loves everyone. And to the degree that I internalize that, then I’m going to work at being a loving person to others too. And that love is gonna go outward. But it comes from God loving us. And loving each one of us personally, but really believing that and, again, not just thinking it. It’s so easy to think it and we can say words about it, but to feel it, you know, to feel God’s love that’s a whole different experience. And to the degree that in prayer and reflection and ministry and reaching out to others that we really experience that, it changes everything. That old song, you know, one of the musicals, “love it changes everything.” And it does. It changes everything.

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