Brother Kenneth Wangila Mulongo, is a member of the teaching staff at Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta Nairobi.

Editors Note: All of our Brothers in the Kenyan Region are on their annual retreat this week (31 July – 4 August 2017) at St. Patrick’s Kabula Retreat House. The retreat is animated by Fr. Santulino Ekada, OCD. Each day, one Brother is providing his reflections on the program.
By Brother Kenneth Wangila Mulongo
On the 5th day of the retreat, the Theme was PATIENCE: James 1:2—4. The retreat master reflected on this virtue by saying that patience is critical to any vocation for whoever has it lacks nothing for God alone is enough. He likened the life that has no patience to the tree with no roots.
In quoting Padre Pio, he said that God tells us that He will answer our prayers but He does not tell us how and when. So, for the good things to take place in our lives, certain delays are necessary. Therefore, we are called to be patient with God in prayer as patience conquers discouragement in life. We are called to be patient with the Church, patient with ourselves and be patient with others. All these can happen when we are humble, interpret situations of life with opportunities to grow and trusting in God’s providence.

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