Brother Joseph talks in session at the Integration Team meeting in Rome, June 2017.

By Brother Joseph Kibambe | en français

Before our session in Rome, I was totally turned upside down by our various regional meetings we had as part of our effort to explore our Graced Crossroads. These gatherings put the finger on many of our communal wounds. Members of the Core Team, however, were struck by our courage, as a region, to face our difficulties. Moreover some wounds had already been treated. Unfortunately, they reappeared with intensity. This reoccurrence plunged me into sadness and anguish.
After the session in Rome, a great joy filled my whole being. During the sessions, while the Brothers spoke of the problems that exist in each region, they also encouraged each other to go forward in deep waters. This encouragement shows the love each of us has for the future of the Congregation. The Congregation is dear to all of us. This joy that I experienced and that I still have encourages me in my vocation as a Xaverian Brother. It is a joy that results from the love that the Brothers have for our life. I believe this is what Pope Francis calls Amoris Laetitia, ‘the joy of love’ which in his Encyclical of the same name.
All these feelings (sadness, anguish, joy) tell me that life is made of ‘ups and downs’ and that we must not give up, but must move forward. From this experience, I took a quote from the twenty-sixth president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. I quote, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Thus life will be better.

2 comments on “Communal Wounds

  1. Christopher Esto Lomanat, Postulate class of 2000, Kenya. on

    Unless the wound is pricked open, the medicine will NOT get in to tackle the germs! My brothers, when you meet open them , I know they may be painful, but please open them up!

  2. Brother John Shaughnessy on

    I really enjoyed your comments, Brother Joseph. You are right on target. What you said has reinforced my beliefs about the wounds. The wounds are still present. For me, this was a perfect reinforcement of what John Hamilton wrote in his reflection-
    There is a need for further reflection on the issues because you are the future of our congregation. God Bless You All. Please know that you and all the Brothers in Africa are doing wonderful work and we as a congregation need to show our appreciation and help heal the wounds. I wish that I had the opportunity to meet the African Brothers in person.
    Presently, I work as an ESL teacher with the Hispanic population in Southern Louisville.


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