Remembering Gwen Costello

When Brother Larry told me that they wanted to do an article on Gwen for the Associates Newsletter. I told him I appreciated that idea. I didn’t know that a day or two later Chris would email with some questions about Gwen that would make the article more personal. I also didn’t realize how difficult it would be to write this piece [. . .][read more]

One-fold Reflections

For Ryken, as for Ruusbroec, the heart of the spiritual life is the recognition that the life of each of us, when we are living from our proper and true place, is “the same ordinary ground” as that from which the brightness of the Divine “immeasurably shines forth.” This ordinary ground, this true place, is who were are in God, before we begin [. . .][read more]

Associate Notes – April 2013

REGIONAL UPDATES Online Group Brother Jerry O’Leary, Chris Spahr, Chris Roberson, Greg Mason, and Chris Irr met on Google+ Hangouts (a web-based video chat platform) for prayer and discussion on February 23rd between 9 and 11 AM. Jonathan Dohanich, who unfortunately was unable to join the group that morning (he had worked three consecutive overnight-shifts[read more]