Why Pursue a Masters in Religion?

Cory Hodson, an alum of Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood, Massachusetts, has recently begun a masters program in Religion at Yale University. We asked him what motivated him to pursue the masters and we’re grateful for his response and contribution to Living the Charism. We hope to hear more from him as he follows this[read more]

The Crisis of Refugees

Migrants in Hungary near the Serbian border.   I am sure that each of us has been touched by the reports coming from Hungary about the crisis facing the world with the refugees fleeing Syria. How will we as a Congregation respond? As a member of the Congregation, what do you want us to do? What will your local community do? What[read more]

Orangeburg | Embracing the Future with Hope

From its origin, a hallmark of the Orangeburg mission of the Xaverian Brothers was hospitality.  That hospitality occurred on many levels.  As the previous reflections have stated, especially those shared by the Brothers who were members of the Orangeburg community, that hospitality was exercised to the neighbors of the Brothers on Amelia Street ─ Catholic[read more]

Orangeburg | Living the Present with Passion

In his Apostolic Letter to those in Religious Life, Pope Francis, in speaking about “living the present with passion,” writes: Recalling our origins (“grateful remembrance for the past”) sheds light on yet another aspect of consecrated life. Our founders and foundresses were attracted by the unity of the Apostles with Christ and by the fellowship[read more]