Building fraternity in Bruges

Hello from Bruges, cradle of the Xaverian Brothers Family. After a dreary weather on our opening day, we seem to be quite graced to have the sun shining so brightly this Wednesday. Yesterday, Bro. Dominique accompanied several of our associates and collaborators to the Xaverian community at Mariastraat. There, Bro. Norbert gave them a tour[read more]

Bishop of Bruges visits Assembly 2012

Bishop Jozef DeKesel, Bishop of Bruges, visited the participants at Assembly 2012 on Tuesday, 17 July.   Br. Larry Harvey welcomed the Bishop and spoke about the special relationship the Bishop of Bruges had with Theodore James Ryken when the Congregation was founded.  Br. Larry went on to mention how the Bishop is the "neighbor"[read more]

Brother Joe Pawlika – Talk on Xaverian Life Form, Assembly 2012

[ilink url=”http://xaverianbrothers.kurt/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/A-Talk-on-Xaverian-Life-Form-Joe-Pawlika-1.pdf” style=”download”]Click here to download a PDF version of this article[/ilink] My recent reflections on the “Life Form Dimension” of the Xaverian Charism have centered on the recurring and developing sense of “place” in Ryken’s life and in the life of the Xaverian Congregation. I use the word “place” not so much in the[read more]