Telling Our Stories

We speak much today of “sharing our stories.” We understand intuitively that by speaking to another about the actual persons, situations, and events of our lives, we deepen our relationship and our felt sense of connection to each other. We feel less alone in the world, and by listening to others we welcome them into our worlds.[read more]

Vatican II | Embracing the Future with Hope

Read the first reflection of this series: Vatican II | A Grateful Look at the Past Embracing the future with hope! As Xaverians we are grateful for the love for the congregation, the deep faith, courage and hope of our Brothers who led this effort of adaptation and renewal. We are grateful for Brothers Thomas[read more]

Vatican II | A Grateful Look at the Past

Gratefully remembering the past! As we prepare to celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life, for what in our past, are we, in fact, grateful? The joys and hopes, the griefs and anxieties of the people of this age, especially those who are poor or in any way afflicted, these are the joys and hopes, the[read more]

Remember Brother Lambert

Graduating from Mount Saint Joseph in May of 1936, Howard Bents entered the Congregation at Old Point Comfort in November of 1936 and received the Holy Habit and the name Lambert on Saint Jo-seph’s Day in 1937. The mystery of his short postulancy died with Brother Lambert! Upon his gradua-tion from Catholic University in 1942,[read more]

Remember Brother John Carpenter

Our Founder’s heritage of experiencing his vocation as “falling in love with the service of God” has been received by many of our Brothers, and John Carpenter was certainly one of those. Brothers and lay per-sons who got to know John saw an uncomplicated man who shared his heart with them. This was particu-larly observable[read more]

Remember Brother Edward Burns

In the eulogy which Brother Stephen Comeau wrote about Brother Edward, a very unique and dear teacher emerges: “He was a versatile teacher, whether the subject matter was religion, French, history or mathematics.  His willingness to accept almost any teaching schedule presented to him was one of his remarkable traits.  In typical Ed Burns fashion[read more]

Remember Brother Michael Angelus

Known as “The Angel” or “The Spirit,” Brother Michael Angelus came from hearty Maine stock, and he had a stubborn streak as deep as the rocks of his native state.  When Brother Michael Angelus entered the Brothers in 1917, it took him three days to travel by train from Maine to Baltimore, and the Brother[read more]

Remember Brother David Samuel Eddy

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, David was the third of the seven children of Robert and Irene Eddy. Transferring into Saint John’s High School for his junior year, somewhat against his will, David an-nounced to his parents, after six months at Saint John’s, that he intended to become a Xaverian Brother. He never looked back. Entering[read more]

Remember Brother Talbot McSharry

James Patrick McSharry attended Cardinal Hayes High School and St. Joseph’s Juniorate before entering the congregation on September 19, 1950. At vestition he received the name “Talbot” in honor of the Venerable Matt Talbot, a saintly man from Dublin, Ireland who struggled long and fiercely to overcome the addictive bonds of alcoholism. Little could young[read more]

On The Great Pumpkin Thief

Brother Ed Keefe, C.F.X. tells the story of “The Great Pumpkin Thief,” a former student at St. John’s Prep. Brother Ed had to teach the boy a lesson, but to this day The Great Pumpkin Thief and Brother Ed are friends. The boy, now man, has given many gifts to the Congregation that supported Brother[read more]