Impressions of Bruges Number 1 from Gwen Costello

From July 16-­‐20, I was privileged to attend the Xaverian Brothers “Charism” Assembly in Bruges Belgium as an Associate. There were six of us there: Alice Hession and Kevin Shearer (both also representing Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools), Mike Buckley, Jeannette Suflita, Richard and me. Each of us will be sharing our impressions with you. Me[read more]

Assembly 2012: A Description of Xaverian Charism

After reviewing the characteristics of the Xaverian Charism presented by each small group, a writing committee drafted an initial description of the Xaverian Charism and presented that to the General Assembly on Friday morning.  Participants provided very helpful feedback reagarding the draft.  After the Assembly, the writing committee continued to work on the draft.  What[read more]