Middle Dutch Mysticism with Rob Faesen, SJ

The six conferences by Rob Faesen, SJ were webcast live from Casa LeSalle in Rome, Italy on Tuesday, July 23 and Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Fr. Faesen would like you to have the following materials: click here to download a PDF. ONE ⎪ TWO ⎪ THREE ⎪ FOUR ⎪ FIVE ⎪ SIX CONFERENCE ONE Foundations of[read more]

Opening Session Webcast [LIVE]

The Opening Session of the 27th General Chapter will be webcast live at 4 PM in Rome (Central European Time, UTC +1), Bruges, and Lubumbashi, 5 PM in Nairobi, and at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. This Opening Session will include an introduction by Brother Lawrence Harvey, C.F.X. and an orientation to[read more]

A Description of the Charism as Lived by the Brothers

(A preamble that captures a general description of the charism for Brothers, Associates, Collaborators) We Xaverian Brothers, associates, and collaborators are a true religious family, striving to fulfill the spiritual aspirations that Theodore James Ryken had for his Congregation. Following the path of our Founder, we are called to live ordinary lives that give witness[read more]

Pre-Chapter Preparation: Finance

(Finance: Including the call to simplicity of life, the practice of evangelical poverty, and self-sustainability.)   Below are the Brothers’ responses from the first phase of the pre-chapter reflections.  After reflecting on the Description of the Charism, the Brothers were asked to think about and discern what practices or exercises could be adopted by all[read more]

Congregational Spirituality: Spiritual Exercises

Series Introduction ⎟ Presentation 1 ⎟ Presentation 2 ⎟ Presentation 3 ⎟ Presentation 4 This is the first presentation in a series of four presentations in preparation for the Xaverian Brothers’ 27th General Chapter in July 2013. The purpose of the presentations is to engage the members of the congregation in a continuing dialogue regarding the living[read more]

A Guided Meditation on the Description of the Xaverian Charism

As part of the pre-Chapter preparation for the Brothers, General Superior Brother Lawrence Harvey prepared a 30-minute video “A Guided Meditation on the Description of the Xaverian Charism.” At the conclusion of his presentation he invited the Brothers to do their own reflection on the Description of the Charism, highlighting those phrases that were significant[read more]