Brother Peter Fitzpatrick, C.F.X.

In Memoriam:Brother Peter Fitzpatrick, C.F.X. (Brother Benedict)1928-2020  Nothing is more practical than finding God, nothing is more practical Than falling in Love in a quite absolute, final way.What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination,Will affect everything.                                  [read more]

Brother John Collins, CFX

In Memoriam: Brother John M. Collins, C.F.X. (Brother Mark) 1936-2020  The mystery of one man is too great and too profound to beexplained by another man.                                                                           The Wounded Healer, Henri Nouwen Mystery often describes religious life. The mystery of God’s call. The mystery of attraction.  The mystery of responding to the call. The mystery of living[read more]

Brother Gerard De Beuckelaere, CFX

Simplicity is often cited as a characteristic of the Charism of the Xaverian Brothers. Brother Gerard De Beuckelaere was a man of simplicity. It is said also that simplicity is at the heart of religious life. Moreover, simplicity is not innate. To the contrary, Thomas Merton notes that simplicity is to be cultivated and developed by the practice of a sincere and humble acceptance of one’s gifts and shortcomings. Quoting Saint Bernard, Merton reflects that “As religious if we want union with God, let us be obedient and seek to do what benefits others and not what happens to suit[read more]